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We are offering Floor-Wall porcelain tiles from best manufactures worldwide, at factory prices.

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Welcome to the Top Ceramics – London.

Tiles at factory prices 

Top Ceramics offers floor and wall porcelain tiles imported from the best manufacturers from countries such as Spain, Italy and Germany. Our long and successful cooperation is the reason why our porcelain tile shop can offer such attractive prices for those high quality products.

We deeply care about our customers’ various needs and preferences. That is why we strive to provide them with the most diverse offer. This way, every single customer can find an ideal model that meets all of their expectations. Our full-bodied tiles are solid, durable and suitable even for an underfloor heating system. What is more, you can also use polished porcelain tiles outdoors, as there are characterised by very low water absorption, which makes them resistant to low temperatures. They are not only durable and widely used in high traffic areas, but also porcelain tiles are very low maintenance.

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