Wall Tiles

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Frequently asked questions
  1. Why use wall porcelain tiles?

    Porcelain tiles are a material which is extremely durable, so much it can be laid outdoors. The moisture absorption rate is very low, therefore they are not going to start cracking once the water starts settling and the temperatures drop below freezing. Wall porcelain tiles are a magnificent decoration, used both outside and inside houses and apartments. They are an interesting finishing touch, especially in modern buildings, where materials imitating raw wood or concrete fit well, but also in bathrooms, where they can be used to build a shower.

  2. How to choose porcelain tiles?

    Choosing porcelain tiles is a very complicated process. There are a number of decisions to be made, concerning the available budget, house design, the material’s quality and purpose and many more. Focusing on a couple of them will definitely help in picking the right solution for every buyer. First of all, they need to measure the place and learn how many square meters have to be covered with floor or wall porcelain tiles. After learning that information, they have to choose what size each tile should be to look attractive in the selected space.

    The customer has to consider how big a traffic they will have to withstand and what kind of moisture absorption rate is recommended for the chosen room or outdoor space. Depending on the style they want to introduce to their building, they will be able to choose matte or polished porcelain tiles, as well as those which imitate wood, marble or concrete. Each customer struggling with making a definite decision is encouraged to contact our porcelain tile shop and use the help of one of our customer service specialists.

  3. Do you take returns?

    Each buyer will be able to return the wall porcelain tiles that he has ordered, as long as they have not been used or damaged any way. The shop will provide him with a full refund minus the delivery charge.

  4. Do you have a physical store?

    Our porcelain tile shop is an e-commerce only business, therefore we do not have a traditional store our customers can visit. This way we are cutting the costs of renting a proper space, which positively influences our prices. You can be sure we offer quality products at lowest prices possible.

  5. How do I take care of the wall porcelain tiles?

    The wall porcelain tiles acquired at our shop do not require a lot of care. You should remember about dusting them and washing their surface with a wet cloth. Use only delicate materials to avoid scratches and never use vacuums, especially on polished porcelain tiles, because they can seriously damage them. The absolutely best way of getting rid of stains is using a wetted soft nylon brush and coating them later with a cleaning solution of your choice.

  6. What if my order includes damaged tiles?

    Each purchase of porcelain tiles delivered to the client is carefully packed and secured to avoid anything happening to it. This is how we achieved the very low rate of only 3% damaged orders reported by our clients. If you happen to receive flawed wall porcelain tiles, contact us immediately, either via a phone or by sending us an e-mail with the pictures of the damage. We will provide you with a replacement for the spoiled materials.