3D Effect

Structural tiles, also known as 3D tiles, are one of the hottest trends in interior design. In the era of fashion for minimalism, the abandonment of numerous decorations and knick-knacks in the interiors, the role of elements decorating the room is taken over by, among others, wall cladding. Ceramic tiles with 3D textures fit perfectly with this trend.

What’s more, 3D tiles add a proverbial claw to the interior design. They reflect the light at different angles, making the bathroom much brighter and warmer. They look like a contemporary bas-relief by themselves. 3D structural tiles are rich in variety of motifs on their surface – from soft waves, through sharp, geometric lines and figures, to lace patterns.

In our online shop we have many collections of ceramic tiles with 3D texture for you at the moment. Everyone will find something for himself!

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