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Advantages of porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles have a number of advantages, making them an expensive, but worthy investment. The longevity of this solution is praised by people everywhere. Made by compressing highly resistant substances, floor porcelain tiles will not become stained, chipped or scratched. They work great in places of high traffic and exposed to the constant moving of furniture like corridors, living rooms and dining areas. They are also frost-proof which means they can be used outside for example as decorative wall porcelain tiles.

Their tolerance for the changing temperatures makes them the perfect choice for underfloor heating systems. Porcelain tiles available in most shops are a great heat conductor, which is why they are much more energy efficient than other materials. Thanks to the fact that they have a low moisture absorbency rate, they do not require a lot of attention when cleaning. The maintenance consists only of mopping the floor from time to time, because no permanent stain will ever appear on their surface.

How to choose porcelain tiles

Visiting a porcelain tile shop, a customer has to already have an idea about what exactly he is interested in and where to start his search. The crucial decision to make is choosing the budget – the prices of the materials vary from £30 to around £80, but may even reach a hundred per square meter. Another thing to consider is the style of the house – the customer may decide on a simplistic design, imitating concrete or choose more of an intricate option, which resembles marble. Last but not least is their purpose – he has to know whether he needs floor or wall porcelain tiles and buy the correct ones.